Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Bit More on Investing

Quote of the post: "Never spend your money before you have it."
-Thomas Jefferson

Song of the post: Brand New - Luca

It seems as though I can't get enough of the stock market. The first thing I do every morning is turn on CNBC (Literally open my eyes, roll over, hit the power button on the remote). The fact that everyday is different, and there is so much uncertainty makes it almost addicting. I always seem to find a new stock that I get wicked pumped about and want to buy but I obviously (and unfortunately) cannot buy as compulsively as I'd like.

I've got my eye on Merck (MRK). Merck has been around for quite awhile and makes some of the most commonly used drugs known. The price per share is almost half as it's 52 week high making it a phenomenal value buy. I did a few more in depth analyses but I feel like I need to explain what they are at some point before I just throw them out there. Not to mention Jim Cramer threw it out there on Mad Money a few weeks ago, his (good) reasoning being that recession or not, people are going to buy their shingles and cancer drugs. I like to think of Merck as a life-preserver in the healthcare sector which is something I've been avoiding at all costs.

Also, I came across a really sweet website (www.Mint.com). In addition to being my favorite color, Mint links ALL of your finances (checking, saving, brokerage, credit card) and creates personalized budgets. You can see where all of your money is going and helps you set benchmarks for certain items. Apparently I spen $228 on alcohol last month (probably par for the course for a college student) which really makes you think twice before you head to the bar for a pitcher or two when you're bored on a Sunday afternoon. Either way, check it out (it's free, obviously.)

And my favorite find of the week is SoGo Trade (www.sogotrade.com) who have dubbed themselves the 'Deepest Deep Discount Broker' and rightfully so. They charge $3.00 per trade!!! This beats Sharebuilder's $4 Tuesday trades plus there are no account minimums, and they give you 25 free trades, AND for more frequent traders you can pay $10 a month and get $1.50 trades. I have yet to find a single catch in all of this which leads me to believe this really is as good as it seems.

And I'll conclude with...vehicles are a liability in college, a big one. Parking tickets, speeding tickets, drunk driving, friends wanting to borrow it, getting towed, GAS, vandalism = a huge pain in the ass. I was towed for the 3rd (and final) time on Friday night and have now decided I am not using my car at all unless it is to drive home. So much for that +601%.

$$$Change for a 20$$$

Friday, May 2, 2008

Net Worth Update

I have been, and still am super busy so I don't have time to write an all out post. However, I will be giving my monthly net worth update (and I'm sensing a good result.)

Bank of America Checking - $857.50
Bank of America Saving - $42.65
E*Trade Saving - $1,317.19
E*Trade Brokerage (Cash) - $9.52
E*Trade Brokerage (Portfolio) - $285.96
Sharebuilder Brokerage - $150.36
ING Orange Saving - $1
2004 Toyota Corolla Type S (Trade-In Value) - $7,900
Personal Belongings - $2,500
Total Assets - $13,064.18

Stafford Student Loan - $11,030.78

May 2 Net Worth - $2,033.40
April 3 Net Worth - $290

April-May Net Gain - $1,743.40 or +601%

...before you get too excited-I haven't paid my credit card bills yet and I recieved a $500 check for my Massachusetts Bankers Internship (more on that later).

$$$Change for a 20$$$