Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Net Worth Update

If I were to guess whether my net worth has increased or decreased since last month, I'd have to go with increase. No major bad things have happened, if anything I just came across a plethora of opportunites to gather up some extra cash.


Bank of America Checking - $437.15

Bank of America Saving - $398.95

E*Trade Saving - $0

E*Trade Brokerage (Cash) - $9.52

E*Trade Brokerage (Portfolio) - $477.98

ShareBuilder Brokerage - $146.23

Alliant Credit Union Saving - $1,116.76

ING Orange Saving - $1

2004 Toyota Corolla Type S (Trade-In Value) - $7,900

Personal Belongings - $2,750

Total Assets - $13,237.59


Stafford Student Loan - $11,030.78

Total Liabilities - $11,030.78

June 10 Net Worth: $2,206.81

May 2 Net Worth: $2,033.40

April 3 Net Worth: $290

April - June NET GAIN: $173.41

Good news I suppose, obviously more would be better. Unfortunately Notorious BIG was wrong because in my eyes, more money means less problems. The Personal Belongings category is obviously an estimattion, but I rccently began cleaning my room and uncovered what I like to call a heap of used textbooks that is worth at LEAST $250, and those are the only ones I've sold so far. Speaking of textbooks, it's pretty ridiculous to try to sell them back to the Textbook Annex at my school because they literally offer you chump change for something that someone somewhere put their heart and soul into. I came across Book Scouter (www.bookscouter.com) which is a PHENOMENAL website. You type in the ISBN number of the book and it gives you quotes from 30 different companies that buy books. Usually I choose one of the top three (pay attention to the consumer reviews) and compare that price to what I can get on Amazon Marketplace. The benefit of using Book Scouter is you don't have to compete with other sellers and wait around for someone to buy the book, and you also don't have some third party (Amazon) skimming a commission of the sale.

No song or quote today because, well, I'm just feeling that lazy. Lo Siento.


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